Founder's Desk


Dr. Subir Kumar Banerjee

Founder Trustee


Mrs. Suvra Banerjee

Founder Trustee


The fate of a nation hinges on the caliber of education offered within its educational institutions. Education serves as the cornerstone of any progressive society and stands as one of the fundamental pillars of human advancement.

Our children embody our aspirations and ambitions. Through education, we empower them to discover and nurture their inherent abilities and hidden talents. In our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence, we place a premium on the quality of education provided in our school.

We prioritize academic excellence, motivating students to become independent and innovative thinkers, self-assured and enlightened learners, and responsible members of society. We offer our children opportunities and avenues to harness their potential and talents, all while instilling in them the values of being good human beings.

Our commitment lies in delivering the finest education to our children to help them confront the challenges that lie ahead. Guided by our motto, "Education to Excel," we offer exceptional infrastructure and amenities, including eco-friendly classrooms and surroundings, to create a conducive environment for learning.